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The Guardian

Globally known for its award winning coverage and insightful opinions, The Guardian has been built on sharing the vast voices of their readers. The Small Business Network is where entrepreneurs go to learn practical advice on growing their business and read inspirational founder stories.


Ecommerce Nation

Billed as the first 'global e-commerce community', Ecommerce Nation is the go-to reference for e-commerce owners to get tips, tools, and expert advice. They are a one-stop shop for everything a business owner would need to know to develop their skills, learn more about their domain, and flourish in the market.



In a fast moving sector, Techworld gives IT readers all the latest in enterprise technology, product reviews and features. With everything from resources, jobs and tutorials, Techworld is the ideal source of tech trends and insights for business owners. 


The Telegraph

One of Britain's leading newspaper, The Telegraph has a reputation for breaking news and leading commentary. The Telegraph Connect section is home to the small business community to share tips and guidance on how to grow sales, secure funding and build brand awareness.


Digital Doughnut

As the largest digital and marketing community in the world, Digital Doughnut is home to plenty of rich content, guides and resources to help marketers grow and build better digital marketing campaigns for better businesses.


We Are The City

We Are The City is an online platform providing events, jobs and advice for career and business minded women. The platform prides itself on championing ambitious women through inspirational features, awards and conferences to create an army of female business founders. 


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