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  • Are all your services available on a rolling contract?
    We operate on a month to month basis so you aren’t tied into any lengthy unwanted contracts, you are within your rights to cancel at the end of any month as long as you provide at least a month's notice.
  • Can I cancel my contract at any time?
    If for any reason you are unhappy with our service, you are legally obliged to cancel your contract. We will need at least 4 weeks notice to terminate the contract, as stated in our terms and conditions.
  • How do you take payments? Invoice, direct debit or standing order?"
    To ensure we make things easier on both your accounts and ours, we prefer to take payment via a monthly invoice or standing order.
  • I can't afford a monthly plan, do you offer workshops?"
    We can devise an interactive workshop in person or on Skype to discuss your business objectives and devise a strategy that can be implemented immediately. Workshops start from £75.00 for an hour giving you a more bespoke action plan.
  • I’d like to sign up, what are the next steps?"
    We will send you a proposal and contract for you to review and sign. Once you are satisfied with the paperwork, we will arrange a consultation at your earliest convenience to discuss your business objectives and decide on the most suitable package or service.
  • I’m not seeing the results I expected, how quickly can you resolve this?"
    Digital marketing is a long term process and for a relatively new or updated website, it can take some time for search engines to index it. Businesses must be prepared to invest significant amounts of time to see any impact on their SEO rankings. Polkadot does however guarantee complete transparency on all our work so you always have a clear idea on the progress we are making and if you have any concerns we will gladly answer them.
  • How can you ensure my return on investment?
    Polkadot Digital prides itself on developing affordable packages that provide an efficient return on investment for all small businesses and startups. When you invest in one of our packages, you will benefit from our skills and expertise which will prove invaluable to your business
  • I’m not happy with the service I’ve received, who can I contact?"
    If for any reason you have any complaints about the service you’ve received from Polkadot Digital, we will be more than happy to speak on the phone or arrange a formal discussion at your earliest convenience. Our commitment to our customers is paramount so we always ask for complete honesty from our clients to ensure we are constantly improving our service offering.
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